Our commitment and values

Business focused * Creative challengers * Perfectionists * Technology experts * Pragmatic * Diversity and empowerment believers


We are perfectionists and experts in our domains. We will first understand your business vision and goals and we will map, together with you, how to apply an innovation mindset and technology to achieve these.

Applying our experience defining business and digital strategies for transforming complex organisations, both from the technology as well as the operational processes side, we can help your business and technology colleagues “speak the same language” and align to the same goals.

From custom applications, to global rollouts of Sales or Service Cloud and SAP, to Centers of Enablement and Application factories – we’ve helped our customers reinvent their businesses and processes successfully.

Meet our leadership team

As CIO, CTO or Head of Information Systems at amazing global or hyper-growth startup organizations, we have built extensive professional experience covering the entire spectrum from shaping business strategies to hands-on execution of digital strategies and projects and we are happy to bring all of the learnings to you. Each of us also has a deep specialization because we strongly believe in hands-on experience and continuous learning.

Nano   is the ultimate expert in applying relaxation techniques for herself (frequent naps) as well as for the other team members (playfull nose boops). We are always more creative after she applies her well tested empathy methods with us.

We are innovators, deep thinkers and doers. We love working together and with your team, so you get the best possible business outcomes.


Doina Popa

Managing Director, Founder | Salesforce Expert

Doina Popa

Managing Director & Founder, CEO

Salesforce expert, Certified Technical Architect

Your business aspirations and vision are what we will always start from in our partnership, and the point of reference throughout our journey together to your success.

I am committed to leading the InnoTrue team to ensure your success, bringing all of my experience and the best of my capabilities to you every day.

I am also committed to developing the InnoTrue colleagues in directions that bring them significant value and align to our common goals with our customers, as well as learning from them and ensuring they feel empowered.

Having started with a passion for Physics and Mathematics in school, I decided to study Computer Science. I became a technologist at heart and I am very keen to continuously learn and develop.

Due to a deep interest in entrepreneurship and innovation, I pursued an Executive MBA in Innovation and Business Creation at the Technical University of Munich in Germany, in collaboration with the University of California, Berkeley, US. This was a great experience, both academically and also with lots of opportunitites to apply the learnings in practice.

While gradually advancing in the organisations I was part of, it became more relevant to study Mangement, Leadership and Strategy and I chose the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston, US for professional executive learning.

I have deep expertise in digital transformation, strategy consulting and Salesforce and currently hold 17 Salesforce certifications amongst which also the highest level, the Salesforce Technical Architect.

I’ve worked for 20 years in technology for great companies of all sizes, from small start-ups, middle sized hyper-growth companies, to global enterprises and collaborated with amazing people, both amongst my colleagues, our customers and our partners.

During these years, I’ve been part of companies that create successful software products and solutions like Salesforce as one of their top principal technology advisors and architects, to global consulting companies like Capgemini as the CTO of the Salesforce practice and also as a leader in global end-user companies, like Barclays, a leading Financial Services organisation, as their Salesforce CIO.

Hard work and expertise are valued, and in 2016 I was happy to receive the “Peak Performer FY16: Top EMEA Advisory Services” award as a Salesforce employee and to be nominated by the EMEA leadership as the EMEA Lead of the Salesforce Technical Architects Community, the group of the most senior architects within Salesforce.

The teams I had the priviledge of shaping and leading ranged from several people to 100+ amazing professionals, with strong values, capabilities and enthusiasm. I believe that everyone has value and should have a voice to express their passions and views.

Dragos Fagurel

Custom Development Lead

Dragos Fagurel

Custom Development Lead

Technology serves and enables business outcomes and my approach to leading techology initiatives is always applying this mindset.


Having started with studying Computer Science, I specialised in Artificial Intelligence at a time when it was just emerging. My enthusiasm for innovation and edge technologies has remained with me throughout the 20 years of professional experience in technology that followed.

My entrepreneurial personality and business accumen, combined with the deep understanding of technology has enabled me to build successful software products and solutions, often from the ground up and to provide consulting defining complex enterprise architectures to well known companies across varied industries – automotive, financial services, utilities, just to name a few.

I am an efficient leader and I am committed to drive solid, pragmatic and fast results that support the business needs. I have deep knowledge in full stack development and have significant hands-on experience working with Java based frameworks, multithreaded applications and relational databases which I combine with extensive experience of architecture, security, business and requirements analysis.

Do you have just an idea or do you already have a complex solution or a difficult technology challenge? Let’s discuss and I am sure we’ll find together the right answer and drive fast outcomes.

Nano de Bucovina

Chief Relaxation Officer

Nano de Bucovina

Chief Relaxation Officer



I am in charge of keeping everyone at InnoTrue relaxed. Including myself. Oh yes, and safe.

It’s an important job and I take it very seriously, so it consumes a lot of my energy. Which is why I need frequent naps and goodies. However, I sleep very lightly and I am always vigilent!